Background Check Solutions for Canadian Gig Companies

Integrity Track, Your trusted partner for background check solutions tailored to Canadian gig companies. Ensure the safety of your team and uphold the trust within your organization.

Get Candidate Results Fast so you can supply demand

At Integrity Track, we prioritize efficiency without compromising accuracy. With our streamlined processes, you can expect results on candidate screens within 1-3 days, enabling swift sourcing and placement.

Work with a Responsive Team of experts

Our commitment to excellent service extends to providing prompt answers and updates. You’ll be paired with a dedicated customer success team member who ensures your queries are addressed swiftly.

Spend Less When screening candidates

partnering with Integrity Track means cost-effective solutions. On average, staffing companies utilizing our services save up to 22% on screening costs, allowing you to ramp up hiring without straining your budget.

In Canada’s dynamic gig economy, where freelancers and independent contractors thrive, the importance of background checks cannot be overstated. As professionals frequently operate remotely and deliver services via digital platforms, establishing trust and ensuring safety becomes essential for both clients and service providers alike.

Background checks help mitigate risks such as fraud, misconduct, and security breaches, fostering a secure environment where all parties can confidently engage in transactions and collaborations.

Did You Know

Research indicates that over 60% of Canadian gig workers have encountered at least one adverse incident during their tenure in the gig economy, spanning from non-payment issues to safety apprehensions. This underscores the critical importance of comprehensive background checks in ensuring the safety and security of both workers and clients in the gig economy.

Integrity Track is your go-to source for top-notch background screening solutions designed specifically for gig companies operating throughout Canada. Our services are meticulously crafted to prioritize regulatory compliance and security, conducting thorough checks while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and data integrity. Leveraging advanced technology, we verify employment history, assess criminal records, and confirm professional qualifications to guarantee the reliability of gig workers. 


Integrated with ATS Platforms

Supported by Trust & Safety Experts
Built to Save You Money

“ShortStaf’s migration to Yardstik, who is now acting as the sole provider for our staff background checks, has been nothing short of amazing. The pricing model and efficiency that Yardstik has provided has helped our overall business in ways that we couldn’t imagine. We have found the Yardstik platform extremely easy to use and navigate and we look forward to continuing to work with their amazing team as we grow our relationship!”

 Brenden Curcio, CEO at ShortStaf

  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Customized screening programs
  • Industry-best practices alignment
  • Compliance-ready tools
  • Secure Issuance

When it comes to hiring and placing the right people, you need a partner you can trust implicitly. Your clients demand it, and your reputation hinges on it. With us by your side, rest assured knowing that you have this crucial aspect under control.