Criminal Record Check for the Mining Industry

Integrity Track offers reliable background screening services for the mining industry, ensuring safety and compliance with ease. Trust us for thorough checks.

Get Candidate Results Fast so you can supply demand

Integrity Track can provide you with results on candidate screens within 1-3 days, allowing you to source and place quickly.

Work with a Responsive Team of experts

Get answers and updates fast. Integrity Track pairs you with a dedicated customer success team member who can help.

Spend Less When screening candidates

Ramp up hiring without breaking the bank. Staffing companies using Integrity Track save an average of 22% on screening.

At Integrity Track, safety in the mining industry is paramount. Our meticulous approach extends beyond regulatory compliance, prioritizing thorough background checks for
individuals and companies. We’re dedicated to upholding industry standards and ensuring the well-being of both people and the environment.

Did You Know

According to a  study by the Mining Association of Canada, In 2020, there were approximately 800 mining fatalities globally, highlighting the critical need for thorough background screenings in Canada’s mining sector.

Background screening in the mining sector is crucial for ensuring safety and integrity. By vetting employees, companies mitigate risks of accidents and theft, safeguarding both workers and assets. Surprisingly, a study found that up to 22% of mining thefts are committed by employees. Implementing thorough background checks not only enhances security but also builds trust among stakeholders, fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

Integrated with ATS Platforms

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Built to Save You Money

“ShortStaf’s migration to Yardstik, who is now acting as the sole provider for our staff background checks, has been nothing short of amazing. The pricing model and efficiency that Yardstik has provided has helped our overall business in ways that we couldn’t imagine. We have found the Yardstik platform extremely easy to use and navigate and we look forward to continuing to work with their amazing team as we grow our relationship!”

— Brenden Curcio, CEO at ShortStaf

  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Customized screening programs
  • Industry-best practices alignment
  • Compliance-ready tools
  • Secure Issuance
You need a partner who can help you know with certainty that you’re hiring and placing the right people. Your clients expect it. Your reputation depends on it. Rest easy knowing you have it under control.