Background Screening Solutions for Staffing services

Collaborate with a responsive, cost-effective background screening partner, who can help you find and place the perfect talent for your needs

Get Candidate Results Fast so you can supply demand

Integrity Track service provides results for screened candidates within 1-3 business days, enabling swift decision-making and efficient hiring processes.

Work with a Responsive Team of experts

Need answers and updates fast? Integrity Track pairs you with a dedicated customer success team member who provide immediate help.

Spend Less When screening candidates

Grow up your recruitment process cost-effectively with Integrity Track. Staffing companies using Integrity Track enjoy a 22% decrease in screening expenditures.

Integrated with ATS Platforms

Supported by Trust & Safety Experts
Built to Save You Money

“ShortStaf’s migration to Yardstik, who is now acting as the sole provider for our staff background checks, has been nothing short of amazing. The pricing model and efficiency that Yardstik has provided has helped our overall business in ways that we couldn’t imagine. We have found the Yardstik platform extremely easy to use and navigate and we look forward to continuing to work with their amazing team as we grow our relationship!”

— Brenden Curcio, CEO at ShortStaf

Partner with Integrity Track| Set Your Staffing Business Apart

Integrity Track empowers you to confidently navigate today’s job market.  By collaborating with us you can Simplify recruitment complexities and enhance your hiring process with our practical screening solutions. Rely on us to find candidates with appropriate qualifications that perfectly meet your requirements.

Finding and Selecting the Right Talent

By leveraging Integrity Track’s background check service, employers and businesses and make smart and quick decisions, creating a secure work environment. Companies can confidently choose the best-fit talent, ensuring that hires align with your company’s values.

  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Customized screening programs
  • Industry-best practices alignment
  • Compliance-ready tools
  • Secure Issuance

It is important to have a partner that can benefit you be certain that you’re hiring and putting in the most qualified individuals. Your clients expect it. Your reputation is on the line. Rest easy knowing you have it under control.