Background Screening Solution For Healthcare Industry

Comprehensive Background Check can assist healthcare professionals to onboard carefully screened employees, who have been properly vetted so that they can be trusted with patient care.

Get Candidate Results Fast so you can supply demand

Integrity Track service provides results for screened candidates within 1-3 business days, enabling swift decision-making and efficient hiring processes.

Work with a Responsive Team of experts

Need answers and updates fast? Integrity Track pairs you with a dedicated customer success team member who provide immediate help.

Spend Less When screening candidates

Grow up your recruitment process cost-effectively with Integrity Track. Staffing companies using Integrity Track enjoy a 22% decrease in screening expenditures.

Ensure your healthcare facility meets regulatory standards by mitigating risks associated with unverified staff. Integrity Track offers customized background check solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. protect your patients and uphold the highest standards of care.

Did You Know

According to a study conducted by the National Practitioner Data Bank, more than 60 percent of healthcare professionals that received disciplinary action had previously been involved in incidents that could have been uncovered by extensive background check.

Building Trust in Healthcare, One Quality Hire at a Time

You need a partner who can help you know with certainty that you’re hiring and placing the right people. Your clients expect it. Your reputation depends on it. Rest easy knowing you have it under control.