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Hiring a new talent? Verify they're the real deal. Protect Your Business and Your Employees with Comprehensive Background Screening Solutions.

Make better hiring decisions

By utilizing Background Screenings, you can verify a candidate’s education, employment history, and other important information, ensuring you hire the best-suited and the most qualified candidates.

Build a Strong Team

Mitigate potential problems before they arise. Our thorough background checks help you

Identify potential concerns: Uncover red flags from a person's past which could present a risk to your workplace or company environment.

Enhance trust and reputation: Make informed hiring choices that demonstrate your dedication to safety and compliance.

Find the perfect fit: Verify education, experiences, and other qualifications to assure that you're hiring the right candidate suitable for your job.

Navigate legal compliance: Stay confident knowing your background check process adheres to all relevant regulations and best practices.

Stop stressing about who you hire. Let us find the best people for you

Here's how we make it simple:

  • There is no need to hunt for chasing consent forms.  Candidates can give their consent anytime, anywhere with our eConsent feature.  It's like magic! 

  • Background checks that integrate to your workflow. Our integration solutions allow you to make orders easily via your preferred HRIS systems. There is no need to juggle several platforms.

  • Remote identity verification that's a breeze.  Candidates can authenticate themselves from the comfort of their own homes with our Electronic ID Verification (EIV) which uses facial recognition technology.  No more waiting in line at the post office!

The Complete Background Screening Solution of "Integrity Track" in Canada is a complete solution to conduct pre-employment background screening. It's been the standard for a long time and its reputation speaks for itself.


Identify outstanding candidates from the pool of applicants. Background checks reveal the whole picture, not just fancy resumes.

Rest assured; legal matters are handled. We navigate the compliance maze, so you can focus on building your dream team.

We conduct thorough investigations and uncover pertinent information from extensive data sources. You get clear insights, you make confident calls.

We're not robots. We listen, personalize, and guide you every step of the way. Your success is our success.

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