Get your Canadian Criminal Background check In Abbotsford.

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You can get a criminal record check through the Integrity Track website. You'll just need to provide your identification and pay a fee.

There are two main types of Criminal Record Checks in Abbotsford:

  • Standard Criminal Record Check(CRC): This check is for all criminal convictions in Canada, which includes summary, indictable, and hybrid offences.
  • Vulnerable Sector Verification (VSV): This type of background checks is a more in-depth check that goes beyond criminal convictions and includes police reports related to child abuse, sexual assault, and other relevant incidents.


Employers in Abbotsford may request a Criminal Record Check for a various kind of reasons, including:

  • To protect vulnerable populations: This is especially important for jobs involving children, seniors, or people with disabilities.
  • To comply with industry regulations: Some industries, such as banking, aviation, and telecommunications, have set their own regulations that require criminal record checks for certain roles.
  • To meet licensing requirements: Certain professions, such as security guards or locksmiths, may need a clean record as part of their licensing process.
  • To assess risk: For jobs with inherent safety risks or those involving handling sensitive information, employers may want to assess the applicant's fitness for the role through a criminal record check.

To comply with company policy: Some companies have internal policies requiring criminal record checks for all hires, regardless of the specific job.

You can find more information about criminal record checks through contacting Criminal record Check team at Integrity Track.

The results of the Criminal Record Checks are confidential and only shared with the employer. If your record is clear, you're good to go! If there are any concerns, the employer will likely discuss them with you directly.

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