Obtain Your Criminal Background Check in Winnipeg

Feeling uncertain about getting a criminal background check in Winnipeg? Let Integrity Track assist you. Our streamlined online process is very simple and secure. Partner with Integrity Track and move forward confidently.


Seeking a Criminal Record Check (CRC) or Police Information Check (PIC)? Fill out online form at this integrity track website and follow these steps:

  • 1. Include personal information such as name, contact information birthdate, and birthplace.
  • 2. Provide payment details.
  • 3. Results payoff will be emailed to you within 15 minutes—Trust Integrity Track for fast and reliable service in Winnipeg.

Clear Your Track for Winnipeg's Opportunities

Landing your dream job in Winnipeg shouldn’t involve navigating the complexities of Criminal Record Checks alone. At Integrity track, we offer comprehensive and efficient services to help you understand the process, secure your check, and clear the path to your career goals.


You can get a criminal record check through the Integrity Track website. You'll need to provide your identification, necessary documents and pay a fee.

There are two main types of Criminal Record Checks in Calgary:

  • Standard Criminal Record Check(CRC): This type of background  check is for all criminal convictions in Canada, including summary, indictable, and hybrid offences.
  • Vulnerable Sector Verification (VSV): This is a more in-depth check that goes beyond criminal convictions and includes police reports related to child abuse, sexual assault, and other relevant incidents. 

Calgary employers often request criminal record checks for several key reasons:

Protecting vulnerable populations: For jobs involving children, seniors, or those with disabilities, ensuring a candidate's suitability is crucial.

Meeting industry regulations: Some fields, like banking or aviation, mandate checks for specific roles.

Fulfilling licensing requirements: Professions like security guard or locksmith may require a clean record for licensing.

Assessing potential risks: Jobs with inherent safety risks or sensitive information handling may justify a closer look into an applicant's background.

Following company policy: Some companies have blanket policies requiring checks for all hires.

You can find more information about criminal record checks on this Integrity Track website or by contacting the Winnipeg Police Service.

The results of the Criminal Record Checks are confidential and only shared with the employer. If your record is clear, you're good to go! If there are any concerns, the employer will likely discuss them with you directly.

You need a partner who can help you know with certainty that you’re hiring and placing the right people. Your clients expect it. Your reputation depends on it. Rest assured that you’re making informed decisions every step of the way.