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Yes, you can conveniently apply for a Criminal Record Check (CRC) online in Winnipeg. Authorized agencies like Integrity Track have embraced online application systems to streamline the process and offer greater accessibility.

There are two main types of Criminal Record Checks in Winnipeg:

  • Police Record Check (CRC): This is the standard check and includes information about criminal convictions (summary and indictable offences) for the past five years.
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC): This check is required for positions involving vulnerability, such as childcare or healthcare. It includes everything in a PCRC plus pardoned sex offences and local police occurrences (e.g., arrests, mental health calls).
  • Summary and indictable offences for the past five years (including the offence type, date, and disposition)
  • Outstanding warrants
  • No information about pardoned offences or local police occurrences

No, you cannot directly request a Criminal Record Check for another individual in Winnipeg. The primary reason for this is to protect the privacy rights of individuals. However, there are certain exceptions where organizations may be authorized to request checks on behalf of others, but only under specific conditions and with the individual's consent.

There's no fixed, universal rule for updating Criminal Record Checks (CRCs) in Winnipeg. The frequency depends on the specific requirements of the organization or employer requesting the check.

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