Screening For Position of Trust

Welcome to Crimcheck,  In our screening process for positions of trust we understand the importance of ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for any organization. Our comprehensive screening process is designed to evaluate candidates completely, providing a robust foundation for building a team of individuals committed to integrity and reliability.


Screening for Positions of Trust

When screening applicants for positions of trust, organizations may consider whether a Vulnerable Sector Check is required. Known by various other names, including Vulnerable Sector Verification and Vulnerable Sector Screen, this type of check includes a search for sequestered convictions listed in Schedule 1 of the Criminal Records Act (which lists sexual offences), and is called a Vulnerable Sector Query (VSQ).

Key Components of our Screening Process

By understanding the differences between pardon and record suspension recipients, an informed approach to screening for positions of trust can be achieved – one that organizations can more fully control. The distinction point between these two cohorts is known and can be used to determine when a VSQ should form part of the process and, increasingly so, when it has no relevance.

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